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How cute are they ?

                     ‘HOTDOGS’ Very own poser  ‘DOOD’  with nephew FLASH
                  Dood is our own baby, she is a samoyed 11 years old and as you                                          can see she really keeps our brushes busy.
                'Whitley'                Whitley'
                                  Whitley                                                              Whitley
                Whitley               TED
                                    Whitley                                                    The Big Fluffy’TED’
                Douglas                Douglas'                             Douglas Before                    and                Douglas After
                'Douglas'                 Tinkerbell Talloolah
                                  Douglas After                                     Tinkerbell & Tallolah
      Monty b 4       Monty Before         Monty After      MONTY AFTER A
                 Monty Before Grooming                                     Monty After Grooming
                TOBY 1               TOBY
             ‘Toby’ simply just pops in for the invigurating shampoo experience.