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Pet Grooming Services & So Much More!

At ‘HOTDOG’ all breeds of dog are proffesionaly groomed by City and Guilds acredited grooming staff with a minimum of four years experience.

We have excellent modern facilies where you can be assured that your dog will be cared for and looked after continuesly during their grooming experience.

Here at ‘HOTDOG’ our prices are very competitive but we also believe that should we cut corners within our quotations then this may reflect within the standard of the grooming.

We believe in the old saying:-     You pay for what you get!

Tinkerbell Talloolah

‘HOTDOGS’ certified groomers provide professional care with a gentle touch. Our caring staff will help your pet overcome their inhibitions. We have an extremely high success rate working with dogs that are elderly, disabled or simply fearful of the grooming process. Our open style salon provides complete grooming services for dogs of all shapes and sizes using only the highest quality products. Complete grooms include bath, fluff drying, nail trim, ear cleaning, clipping and styling as required or individual services may be requested. We have medicated, hypoallergenic, flee and odor reducing shampoo. You can also bring in your doctor prescribed shampoos for dogs with special needs. We never use cage dryers in our grooming process. Is shedding a problem? We provide a scheduled de-shedding program for the double-coated, heavy shedding pets.