HOTDOG‘ was established in August 2013 when Suw was made redundant as a horse groom from a local stable where she had been employed for eight years. Fortunately due to Suw’s love of animals she had already completed three years training at Grimsby college and enjoyed distinctions in all of her exam results. The redundancy could not really off happened at a better time as it really gave Suw the enthusiasm that she needed to kick start this new venture. During the first year Suw has managed to establish an encouraging  base of  customers from all around lincolnshire and due to good reports  handed out by these valued customers additional one’s are still appearing. Suw does not rush any of her grooming activities and it is not unuasual for her to spend 2 1/2 to 3 hours on one dog but that dog will enjoy its grooming adventure. New customers are required so please just pick up the telephone and enjoy a chat.